Nourish the Wild

May life flourish in all its forms

The Story

Nourish the Wild connects people to the wisdom of plants, the goodness of soil and the abundance of the land through engaging with food, health and wellbeing.

We believe that through connection with plants and the land we as a species can learn to coexist in harmony with all beings of the earth.

We work with people to heal the disconnect between ourselves and the natural world to create thriving, healthy, plant-led communities.

About us

Nourish the Wild was created by Claire Turner and Than Gunabalasingham.

Claire is a youth and community worker, gardener and herbalist in training.

Than is a horticultural tutor, forest gardener and all round plant enthusiast.

Together they bring over 25 years of experience working in food growing, community work, environmental policy and health and wellbeing to support communities to build resilience through connecting with food, the land and each other.

We currently work with communities primarily in Tyne & Wear and East London.

Claire & Than Outdoors

Our offerings

We offer a number of projects, training courses and workshops relating to nature connection, food growing, health and wellbeing and ethical living. These include:

Veganic Food Growing Training

Edible Food Forest Design

Plant Medicine Workshops

Eco Wellbeing and Ethical Lifestyle Support


Get In Touch

If you want to find out more about any of Nourish the Wild’s projects please use the contact form below or email us.