Nourish the Wild

May life flourish in all its forms

The Story

Nourish the Wild connects people to the wisdom of plants, the goodness of the soil and the sacredness of the earth.

This vision was born of a deep connection with plants and wild spaces where we as a species can learn to coexist in harmony with all beings of the earth.

We at Nourish the Wild believe that we are in the midst of a great upheaval. At the root of this lies our loss of connection with the kindred spirits who share this planet.

Our work is to heal this wound and help others truly connect to their inner voice, the voices of the earth and all her beings.

About us

Nourish the Wild is run by Claire and Than.

Claire and Than met on the west coast of Scotland, where the call of the wild resounds deeply. 

Claire is a land worker, psychic and medical herbalist in training.

Than is a horticultural tutor, forest gardener and astrologer.

This deep connection to spirit and sacredness of all beings drew them together to share their learnings and offer their experience to bring others closer to the earth.

Together they bring over 15 years of experience working in food growing, environmental policy, land healing as well as psychic and astrological readings.

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Our offerings

We offer a number of bespoke services relating to nature connection, food growing and ethical living. These include:

Edible garden design

Veganic horticultural teaching

Plant Spirit

Green Living and Ethical Sourcing Advice

Nature spirit connection

Get In Touch

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